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Uganda is a developing land locked East African country Population 33 million Malaria Hiv/aids TB are endemic. Malnutrition, poverty and illiteracy are common. The country has been battling with HIV/AIDS for the past 25 years. Prevalence rates of 30% in the 19 80s is now less than 10 %. There are 2 million people living with HIV/AIDS 1million have died and there are 2 million HIV/AIDS orphans. Access to anti retro viral (ARV) drugs is low for victims of the disease and less than 10% of pregnant women have access to ARV’s which helps to prevent mother to child transmission. Cancer rates are increasing and only 5% of cancer patients have access to Surgery, Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy. Despite their very many health challenges the Ugandan people are a wonderful polite , joyful , hopeful people

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Hospice Jinja

Founded August 2005 by a small group of local volunteers, who saw the need for a palliative care service for patients with advanced Cancer And HIV/AIDS. The service is co coordinated from its centre in Jinja capital of the Bosoga region which has a population of 4. 5 million. The hospice team visits and networks with the 5 Hospitals in the region and also visits Out reach clinics near remote villages. The hospice team is active in education and training Community Volunteers who identify patients suited to the service.
The hospice team of 12 includes 6 palliative care nurses an administrator 2 drivers and 2 volunteer Doctors Frank and Patricia Hassett who recently retired from practice in Ennis,Co Clare, Ireland.

Palliative Care

Palliative care improves the quality of lfe with compassionate care for people facing life threatening illness’ such as cancer and HIV/AIDS. It involves a team approach bringing modern accepted methods of pain control and other distressing symptoms. It emphasizes a holistic approach, , social, emotional and spiritual approach is tailored to the patients’ and families’ needs’ wishes.

Further Information

For further information about Hospice Care in Uganda visit www.hospiceafrica.or.ug

Hospice Jinja Uganda Project Limited

Registered Charity Number: CHY 18252

Registered office:

Hospice Jinja Uganda Project Limited
c/o Dr. Frank Hassett & Dr. Patricia Hassett
Co. Clare

Mr. Eugene Hayes

Dr. Frank Hassett
Dr. Patricia Hassett
Mr. Jim Lyons
Ms Madeline Lyons
Ms Teresa Hallinan

Mr. Austin Slattery,
Slattery & Partners,
Victoria Terrance,

Mr. Tony Barrett,
Allied Irish bank,
Bank Place,
Co. Clare