Comfort Fund at Hospice Jinja

December 9th, 2015

90% of all patients cred for require social and economical support for survival. 89% of the poor in Uganda are rural based according to Uganda Bureau of Statistics Abstract 2014. Most patients cared for are in a rural setting and fall in the bracket of the very poor. Such patients are too poor to afford basic necessities for survival, too sick to provide for the family. Hospice Jinja support such families with a twice monthly support gift known as comfort fund of 5000 shillings (€1.4) to enable them access basic needs.

Of the 650 active patients 35 receive comfort fund, others are unable to be helped due to limited resources. Of the 300 poor and weak patients under Hospice Jinja care need basic needs to survive comfortably.

Below are pictorial success stories 2015 ,small as it seems it puts a smile on a patient’s face.

Ester , a palliative care nurse offering Olivia a pair of sheets.

Mercy a palliative care nurse offering sheets to a patient.